Towing Cables & Recovery Slings

Welcome to GVSSupplies’ Towing Cables & Recovery Slings page! Our collection is your go-to choice when you’re stuck, need a lift, or want to secure something. Let’s dive into the fantastic products we have for you.

Winch Cables

What are Winch Cables?

Winch cables are strong wires to pull, lift, or drag heavy stuff. Imagine them as your superhero strings that save the day when you’re stuck in mud or need to move something big.

Why our Winch Cables?

Our winch cables are top-notch and made of rigid material. They won’t let you down when you need them the most.

Tie Downs

What are Tie Downs?

Tie-downs are like belts for your stuff. They help you keep things in place when moving, ensuring nothing flies off.

Why our Tie Downs?

We’ve ensured our tie-downs are both easy to use and super strong. With them, your stuff stays put, safe and sound.

Snatch Blocks

What are Snatch Blocks?

These are excellent tools that change the direction of your pull. They help you use your cables more effectively, especially in tricky situations.

Why our Snatch Blocks?

GVSSupplies’ snatch blocks are solid and reliable. They’re built to work hard and last long.

Snatch Blocks with Shackles and Hooks

What’s the difference between a Snatch Block With Shackles vs. a Snatch Block With Hooks?

The difference between a snatch block with a shackle vs. a snatch block with a hook is incredible; adding shackles or hooks makes them even more versatile. Shackles connect things, while hooks let you grab onto stuff.

Why our Snatch Blocks?

Our combination of snatch blocks, shackles, or hooks gives you more ways to tackle any problem. They’re tough, versatile, and ready to help.

What are Towing Straps?

Think of towing straps as big, strong ribbons. You use them to pull or tow stuff, especially vehicles.

What are Dynamic Straps?

These straps stretch a bit when you pull, like a rubber band. This makes for a smoother, safer tug.

What are Lasso Straps?

These straps have loops at the end, making them perfect for towing cars by the wheels.

What are Cluster Straps?

Cluster straps have multiple hooks so that you can connect them differently. Super handy!

What are Dog Bone Straps?

Shaped like a dog bone, these straps are solid and great for many uses.

Why our straps?

All our towing straps are made to be solid and long-lasting. We’ve picked the best materials to ensure they meet the most challenging jobs.

Thank you for choosing GVS Supplies. Whether you’re pulling, towing, or securing, our Towing Cables & Recovery Slings have got your back.