Towing Chains & Binders

Towing chains and binders are essential for securely towing vehicles and equipment. Our towing chains and binders are made of high-quality materials to provide strength and durability for heavy-duty towing applications. We carry many towing chains, binders, and accessories to meet your specific towing needs.

What Are Boomer Tow Chains?

Boomer tow chains are designed with alternating boomer and pear-shaped links, allowing the chain to lay flat on the ground. This prevents the loose loops that can occur with round link tow chains. Our boomer tow chains come in various sizes and finishes to handle light, medium, and heavy-duty towing jobs.

What Are Boomer Chains with Grabber Hooks?

Boomer chains with grabber hooks have a grabber hook on one end and a slip hook on the other. The grabber hook provides a more secure connection by grabbing the towing attachment point.

What are Boomer Chains with Clusters

Choose a boomer tow chain with a cluster on one end for extra connection strength. The cluster has multiple slip hooks to attach to various size tow eyes.

Boomer Chains with J-Hooks and Clusters

Get maximum versatility from a boomer tow chain with a j-hook on one end and a cluster on the other. The j-hook offers an open design to easily attach to different size tow eyes while the cluster provides a secure multipoint connection.

Tow Chain Binders

Tow chain binders, also called chain boomers, tension and secure chains during towing. We carry lever-action, ratchet, and over-center tow chain binders from leading manufacturers.

Lever-Action Tow Chain Binders

Lever-action tow chain binders provide quick one-handed operation. Just hook the binder onto the chain, flip the lever down, and crank it to tighten. Flip the lever up to loosen and remove it.

Ratchet Tow Chain Binders

For added tensioning force, choose a ratchet-style tow chain binder. Insert the chain in the binder, then use the ratchet handle to tighten the chain incrementally.

Over-Center Tow Chain Binders

Over-center tow chain binders offer effortless tightening with a long handle for leverage. After securing the binder to the chain, pivot the handle until the lock engages.

Tow Chain Hooks and Accessories

Complete your towing setup with our selection of hooks, links, and accessories for tow chains and binders.


J-hooks allow easy attachment to a variety of tow eyes and holes. We carry j-hooks in clevis grabber, loop/link, and welded link styles.

Tow Chain Links

Connect and extend tow chains with our assortment of pear-shaped slip links, repair links, and clevis grab links.

Ratchet Binders with Grab Hooks

These ratchet binders have a grab hook for attaching to a clevis or other towing point. The Ratchet handle provides added tightening capability.

Ratchet Binders with Chain Tails

Choose a ratchet binder with a built-in boomer chain tail for the ultimate convenience. It combines the binder and tow chain in one unit.

This covers the key types of towing chains, binders, and accessories we offer at our store. Don’t hesitate to contact GVS Supplies if you have questions about selecting the right towing products for your application.