Towing Hardware, Hooks, & Ratchets

Towing hardware like j-hooks, ratchets, and other accessories are essential for securely hauling loads. Please browse our selection of high-quality towing hardware to find the right products for your needs.


J-hooks allow you to quickly and securely attach loads for towing. We carry j-hooks in a variety of styles:

J-Hooks with Loops or Links

Our j-hooks with welded loops or link ends provide connection points to attach your tow chains. The loops or links withstand heavy use.

J-Hooks with Clevis Grab Hooks

J-hooks with clevis grab hooks on the ends grip your tow chain securely. The grab hooks prevent accidental disconnects.

J-Hooks with Chain Tails

Select j-hooks come with built-in chain tails, eliminating the need for separate chains. The integrated chains are durable and tested to meet load standards.


Ratchet tie-downs quickly and securely tighten loads for transport. We offer ratchets designed for various applications:

Ratchets with Grab Hooks

The grab hook end of these ratchets attaches firmly to chains, hooks, or anchor points for reliable loading.

Ratchets with Chain Tails

Ratchets with built-in chain tails provide easy, integrated load securement without separate chains.

Ratchets with Snap Hooks

The snap hook end connects these ratchets to loops or other attachment points on your load. The snap hook allows quick connect/disconnect.

Ratchets with Finger Hooks

Finger hook ratchets are easy to attach and detach from loops or openings in your cargo.

Handle Ratchets

Handle ratchets provide maximum leverage for tightening and securing heavy loads. The long handle allows you to apply high tension easily.

Trust GVS Supplies for all your towing hardware needs. Our products meet rigorous testing standards to secure your cargo safely. Please get in touch with us if you need help selecting the right towing accessories.